Danielle Ribaudo, Modern Day Yogini

Modern Day Yogini

Danielle Ribaudo offers group yoga classes and workshops, private/semit private yoga instruction and holistic healing. She fascinated by the connections between the physical and emotional bodies, inspired to move beyond boundaries and view our options as limitless. She firmly believes that our personal tragedies edge us closer to reaching our higher selves. A nature loving yoga instructor, a dog's best friend, a luster of wander, and a wine enthusiast, she knows that balance is key. 

danielle ribaudo yoga


Danielle’s curiosity of holistic studies, both of the physical and energetic realm began at a young age. Being inspired by her mother, they would share books on spirituality and natural healing, then to have family discussions about them at the dinner table. Feeling supported to explore her passions she took courses at Scottsdale Community College on energy healing modalities that focused on balancing and cleansing the aura using Therapeutic Touch. In 2008 she deepened her yoga practice and completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training in Tempe Arizona. Since then she has had the opportunity to study with many amazing teachers aiding her to develop a style that pulls from various yogic backgrounds ranging in traditions from Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Anusara, and Iyenagar, as well as Yoga Therapy, and Meditation. 

In her class you will play with pranayama, and kriya. You’ll dance through a dynamic blend of asana that focuses on alignment with a strong guidance of breath. Be prepared to challenge yourself.  However, most importantly to keep your heart light throughout your practice and allow space for laughter as you explore within. This practice is a lifetime and forever evolving. Danielle’s goal as a teacher is to create a space where you too can feel supported as you observe your relationship with the self and open up to the endless possibilities as we transform to greatness together.