Danielle Ribaudo, Modern Day Yogini

Modern Day Yogini

Danielle Ribaudo offers group yoga classes and workshops, private/semit private yoga instruction and holistic healing. She fascinated by the connections between the physical and emotional bodies, inspired to move beyond boundaries and view our options as limitless. She firmly believes that our personal tragedies edge us closer to reaching our higher selves. A nature loving yoga instructor, a dog's best friend, a luster of wander, and a wine enthusiast, she knows that balance is key. 

My husband is a combat veteran and suffers from a seizure disorder and PTSD. Last month he started doing private yoga classes with Danielle and it has changed our lives. He is a warrior... Brave, strong, intelligent and fearless. Yoga has helped him find that again. It calms his thoughts and works on building his strength from the inside out. Being in the army he thought if he didn't run or do 100 push-ups he was out of shape. Doing yoga has taught him that meditation and the core work is just as challenging and rewarding as any army workout. He is a man that wants to heal from what he has been through. I believe learning yoga through Danielle is the best thing he has done. I see him feeling strong again. Thank you Danielle!! 

Catherine Barnes, NW Arkansas 

Danielle's teaching has been a profound influence in my yoga practice. I came to her classes after not having a regular practice for years, but having a dance and fitness background in my early adulthood. Through regularly attending Danielle's classes, I felt renewed to take care of my physical body and continue to explore my fitness potentials. She helped me access yoga poses that I didn't have any idea not only what they were, but how to get into them safely. Her constant dedication every single student in class going at our own individual pace makes everyone feel safe to be exploring the practice. Even though she's moved away from the state I live in and I desperately miss her classes, Danielle continues to keep me inspired and motivated for my practice from afar. Thank you Danielle for all that you share and radiate! 

Camille Rose Giglio
Co-Owner, Director
Three Lily Farm

She is my yoga spirit animal. 

                                                  Angela Beaulieu, Spin + Bootcamp Instructor,  Fayettevill AR

Danielle is an inspiration! Returning to my yoga practice after a few years, Danielle quickly helped me establish the confidence with her deep respect for the personal journey which yoga provides. I’ve had many yoga instructors from around the world, and sincerely—Danielle’s teaching methods, and creative flows, helped me reach levels of my practice I never thought possible. Namaste
Joe Galli, NYC and Lincolnville Center, ME

Danielle was one of the first yoga instructors I had once I got serious about my practice. She does such a great job introducing all aspects of yoga in each class, always perfectly balanced with asana, pranayama, pieces of philosophy and energy work. I love that Danielle keeps her classes fresh, always bringing a new light to poses and transitions. To top it all off I was always hearing new music in her classes. Some of my favorite artists to listen to came into my life through her classes. Danielle is smart and always willing to offer help. Her classes are such a delight to attend, I never feel pressure to perform but she makes it easy to try things you may not otherwise attempt. 

Jenna Jensen, Yoga Instructor, Gilbert AZ