Danielle Ribaudo, Modern Day Yogini

Modern Day Yogini

Danielle Ribaudo offers group yoga classes and workshops, private/semit private yoga instruction and holistic healing. She fascinated by the connections between the physical and emotional bodies, inspired to move beyond boundaries and view our options as limitless. She firmly believes that our personal tragedies edge us closer to reaching our higher selves. A nature loving yoga instructor, a dog's best friend, a luster of wander, and a wine enthusiast, she knows that balance is key. 

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full ritual for the full moon

It is that time of the month again. The moon is full, and so are you. It is time to let-go and transition to the next cycle. 

Check out the piece I wrote for Sisterhood of the Traveling Mats on full moon rituals. Create your own sacred space and connect with the phases of the moon.